Helena Almeida, Pintura Habitada (Inhabited Painting)

Helena Almeida created a series of performative photographs entitled Pintura Habitada (Inhabited Painting) in Lisbon in 1975. Within each of the black and white portraits Almeida is posed paintbrush in hand, making her mark, but the mark is brushed in over the photograph in thick acrylic blue paint. The brushstrokes complete the gesture that her photographic self performed. In some of the images she completely obliterates her face, commenting on the interrelation of the depicted selves. By combining photography, painting and performance she explores the formal tension between the flatness of paint and the illusionary space of the photograph. This series aligns Almeida’s work with the practices of numerous other female artists working during the 1970s in response to the legacy of Jackson Pollock and action painting such as Linda Benglis, Carolee Schneemann and Shigeko Kubota.

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http://www.absolutearts.com/artsnews/2001/05/03/28507.html illusionistic photographic space.

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