Why BodyTracking Matters

Are you currently keeping track of your body metrics? Let me be honest with you, up to 6 months ago, I wasn’t. And I would laugh at anyone that was serious about using fitness trackers or Apple watches.

But all this has changed since my wife gave me a fitness tracker for my birthday. (I am still not sure if she was just trying to mess with me:). Either way, once I started using this simple tracker I quickly became hooked.

There is just so much to be learned from keeping track of a few simple vitals. Once you take a step back and look at your heart rate for the last month it becomes incredibly easy to spot patterns.

For example, I discovered that I could work out more efficiently by training shorter and with higher intensity.

I also learned that my sleep during weekdays was definitely not good enough. And, this motivated me to change my daily schedule and get a lot better sleep.

Making just these two seemingly small improvements has had a powerful effect on my life. I have more time for leisure and spend less time working out. But, I am also more effective in my work and have seen rapid gains in my fitness.

Let me know how you are using fitness or body tracking to improve your life. Or if you think it’s complete bull#$!! and why.

Have a great day!!

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