Balancing Workouts And Rest: A Few Easy Tips

It’s good to workout and discover your athletic potential. However you can’t do too much. The first few years you should take a workout a week and do a lot of rest days. As you get older, you should increase the workouts and reduce the rest days. As a 70-year old should have no rest days. 3 days a week you should run 2 miles 2 times a day, 1 day a week do up to 65 push ups and 65 sit ups or pull ups. How to prepare yourself for a workout

The only thing you have to do to prepare yourself for a workout is to take a shower. Don’t have a meal before a workout, you don’t want anything in your stomach. Also stay away from coffee the night before a workout. You want a solid night sleep and a strong mind. I would also recommend going to a workout with a friend.

These are the workouts I have myself take and have others take. I have a 3 day a week program for running.

Monday is the sprint workout. I will warmup, then run 20 seconds at 100% speed, then 20 seconds of walking. Repeat this for 4 times. On this day I wear a weighted vest. Doing this, I mainly improve my speed.

Tuesday is the endurance workout. I run 2 miles at 80%, walk 2 minutes, run 1 mile at 100%, walk 2 minutes, run .5 mile at 100%. I cycle my speed like this 4 times, totaling 2 miles the first time, 1 mile the next time, .5 mile twice. On this day I don’t wear my weighted vest.

Wednesday I take off. Or sometimes do the endurance workout again. This day I always do pull ups and sit ups. Sometimes I do pull ups after the endurance workout.

There is also a 2 day a week workout.

On day 1 I do my endurance workout with the weighted vest, then after running I run .25 miles 2 times at 100%.

Day 2 is both endurance and sprint. I jog 2 miles, run 1 mile at 100%, jog .25 miles 2 times at 100%.

You can also use this workout to keep yourself in shape. Do the endurance workout with no weighted vest after 3 days off. That way you are current on your endurance.

You can do this during any season, or it can be your off season, or it can be your only season.

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